Horror stars from IKEA

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Dead Poets Society [Peter Weir, 1989]

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Spread the word. We support the victims of the photo leaking and will stand behind them. We won’t judge them for taking these photos that weren’t meant to be public. We respect their decision to take these pictures, we respect their sexuality and won’t judge them for photographing themselves.

It is their right to keep the photographs private. No one should harm their rights when leaking nudes or any picture against their will.

#againstnudes , follow the supporting!

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Anamorphic Sculptures

These sculptures are created with such mathematical precision that the image can only be seen as a reflection. To get this effect the London-based artist, Jonty Hurwitz, first scans a 3D object, then distorts it with a computer using π algorithms. His final pieces, made from steel, resin, perspex, or copper, have to be viewed next to a round reflective cylinder – only then do the objects come into focus.

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tosin abasi from animals as leaders

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